The Birth Partner Project

Volunteer Birth & Postnatal Partners

No Woman Need Birth Alone


Our Purpose - For all women to have access to birth partner support during pregnancy, birth and the first weeks with their new-born baby

Our Mission - 

  • Support women who would otherwise be alone, to achieve better outcomes for both mother and baby in relation to pregnancy, birth and the early post-natal period

  • Increase women’s access to information, awareness of options, and sign-post to professional services where appropriate

  • Provide 24 hour support during labour and delivery

  • Liaise with other agencies to coordinate support for the overall well-being of the family

  • Influence policy, practice and public opinion in support of our charitable purposes

  • Encourage integration of women with different life experiences to support each other through pregnancy, the early weeks of motherhood, and beyond

  • Create an environment and organisational structure where our volunteers feel informed, supported and free from discrimination


The Birth Partner Project provides the following services to women without a birth partner who cannot pay for a Doula:


  • Support in pregnancy to understand choices and prepare for birth

  • Support during established labour from a trained, volunteer birth partner

  • Support and friendship in the days after the birth of their baby

  • Signposting to appropriate sources of information and help


We take referrals from the following channels:


  • GPs, Midwives, Obstetricians, Health Visitors

  • Voluntary Sector Organisations

  • Local Authorities

  • Speak to your midwife if you would like to be referred to us

Trustee Recruitment

We are currently undergoing a strategic restructure to ensure the sustainability of the  project. We are looking for dynamic trustees who can really invest time to realise the future of this project.

Details of the role and application process can be found here


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“thank you for everything you have done for us”


New Mum


“nothing beats human touch and a bit of compassion



“it is a real privilege to be able to support a woman as she becomes a mother, every woman deserves to have support if she wishes


Volunteer Birth Partner


“The Birth Partner Project volunteers were like having family with me"

New Mum

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