The Birth Partner Project

Volunteer Birth & Postnatal Partners

No Woman Need Birth Alone


Our Purpose - For all women to have access to birth partner support during pregnancy, birth and the first weeks with their new-born baby

Our Mission - 

  • Support women who would otherwise be alone, to achieve better outcomes for both mother and baby in relation to pregnancy, birth and the early post-natal period

  • Increase women’s access to information, awareness of options, and sign-post to professional services where appropriate

  • Provide 24 hour support during labour and delivery

  • Liaise with other agencies to coordinate support for the overall well-being of the family

  • Influence policy, practice and public opinion in support of our charitable purposes

  • Encourage integration of women with different life experiences to support each other through pregnancy, the early weeks of motherhood, and beyond

  • Create an environment and organisational structure where our volunteers feel informed, supported and free from discrimination


The Birth Partner Project provides the following services to women without a birth partner who cannot pay for a Doula:


  • Support in pregnancy to understand choices and prepare for birth

  • Support during established labour from a trained, volunteer birth partner

  • Support and friendship in the days after the birth of their baby

  • Signposting to appropriate sources of information and help


We take referrals from the following channels:


  • GPs, Midwives, Obstetricians, Health Visitors

  • Voluntary Sector Organisations

  • Local Authorities

  • Speak to your midwife if you would like to be referred to us


We are currently recruiting the following positions:

Details of the roles and application process can be found by clicking the links above


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“thank you for everything you have done for us”


New Mum


“nothing beats human touch and a bit of compassion



“it is a real privilege to be able to support a woman as she becomes a mother, every woman deserves to have support if she wishes


Volunteer Birth Partner


“The Birth Partner Project volunteers were like having family with me"

New Mum